Monday, September 21, 2020

First Dive Computer Powered by Dual Algorithm


The (Dive) Computer that does it all. This week, Oceanic began shipping its latest diving breakthrough – the OC1 Dive Computer, which portends to take diving technology to a completely new level.

The OC1 is the first, and thus far only, dive computer to offer divers a choice of diving algorithms, depending on the type of dive being conducted. What this means is that every diver can maximize their own personal dive time within proven safe limits, relative to their type of dive profile.

The two distinct algorithms include the Pelagic DSAT, based on Powell/Spencer data, which is ideal for repetitive, multi-level recreational diving profiles OR the new Pelagic Z+, based on Buhlmann ZHL-16C, for more advanced techinical diving applications. A deep stop countdown timer may be also activated by the diver with either algorithm. will get a closer look but for now check out the Oceanic OC1 Computer for yoursleves here:

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