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First Official F.R.E.E. Course In Russia

Russion FREE Course F.R.E.E. (Freediving Regulations & Education Entity) successfully concluded its first official freediving course in Russia. From June 28th to July 3rd, Rudi Castineyra, Senior Instructor Trainer and current President of F.R.E.E., conducted an Advanced Freediver clinic with a group of 18 Russian students, all of whom met the strict requirements for passing the course.

"This was one of my most exciting teaching experiences ever" stated Castineyra.

"Russia has always been a superpower in sports and it is still the biggest country in the world, so it is obviously a very important, and so far untapped, expansion market for freediving. The potential I saw among the students is incredible, and for what they told me this was not only the first F.R.E.E. course but also the first official course ever to take place there, so it was a very important first step in many ways. Among the students we had world class athletes such as Olga Novoshenova, Olympic Champion in syncrhonized swimming in Sidney 2000. It is great to see that athletes of this caliber are taking up freediving, which certainly shows how much and how well our sport has grown in popularity and acceptance."

Following the success of this course, F.R.E.E. and its Russian representatives have received requests for several more courses which will be conducted early next year.

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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