We recently announced that World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell was launching her new series of Yoga for Freediving online courses.  The day is here for the launch of the first of these course – DEEP RELAXATION – today on International Yoga Day!

In over two hours of training in six videos, Sara shares her unique approach to breathhold diving, based on ancient yogic wisdom, which helped her to take all three depth World Records with just nine months of training.

SIGN UP TODAY via www.yogaforfreediving.com

The course, priced at $50 USD, contains:

  • around two hours (six videos) of unique targeted content
  • 22 additional How-To videos covering the essential basics of Yoga for Freediving, to enable freedivers of all levels to create their own training programme from the courses.
  • audio downloads of the lectures and visualizations to accompany pool/ocean-side warm-ups, and for deeper immersion into the theory and philosophy of the unique Discover Your Depths approach
  • PDF downloads of a suggested six-week training programme for each course, plus other useful additional information

Sara had this to say to DeeperBlue.com:

“We are naturally pre-programmed to freedive, but when you approach the sport with your intellect and ego, you force things, which is when accidents and injuries occur. Yoga for Freediving, and DEEP RELAXATION in particular, are about working in harmony with your body, to dive safely and always experience the potential bliss of each dive.”

For those who want to receive personal coaching from Sara to accompany these videos, each course has a GO PREMIUM option, which includes a personal consultation, three one-to-one Skype coaching sessions and online support for just $300.

You can find out more and sign up by going to www.yogaforfreediving.com.