Former Sea Shepherd Vessel Steve Irwin Could Become Artificial Reef

M/V Steve Irwin could become an artificial reef off Melbourne, Australia
M/V Steve Irwin could become an artificial reef off Melbourne, Australia

The M/V Steve Irwin, which until late last year served as the flagship of the Sea Shepherd environmental group, could be taking on a new role as an artificial reef.

The Australian Dive Industry of Victoria Association (DIVA) recently announced it “has secured an undertaking from the Sea Shepherd Organization to donate the Steve Irwin to sink as an artificial reef in Melbourne, which will act as a haven for fish life and as a major tourist attraction to divers worldwide.

Sea Shepherd’s donation is subject to DIVA’s being able to raise the money to prepare the vessel for sinking, along with getting the required government permissions.

Melbourne is competing with another Australian city for approval to get the vessel as an artificial reef.

With the M/Y Steve Irwin’s decommissioning, the M/Y Ocean Warrior became the flagship of Sea Shepherd’s global fleet.

According to an online petition:

“The sinking of the Steve Irwin will enable the Steve Irwin to continue its role in being a protector of the oceans by becoming a haven for fish life, at its traditional home base, Melbourne. The primary purpose of this petition to being used to measure the support of the Global Dive Industry in order to be able to present this petition to the Victorian Government.”

Sea Shepherd's M/V Steve Irwin
Sea Shepherd’s M/V Steve Irwin