British-based manufacturer Fourth Element has announced the launch of the new version of their neutrally buoyant wetsuit system Thermocline.

Thermocline is lightweight, machine washable and equivalent to a 2mm neoprene wetsuit, without the wetsuit, making it perfect for those allergic to neoprene. The new version is constructed from Fourth Element’s unique fabric that now contains 78 percent ECONYL recycled nylon. This nylon is sourced from ghost fishing nets recovered from our seas by scuba divers. The fabric is then laminated with a waterproof membrane and thermal fleece.

Fourth Element Thermocline Full Suit
Fourth Element Thermocline Full Suit

Announced at the DEMA Trade Show in 2017, the product has now been announced and is available through Fourth Element dealers.

Features of the new Thermocline include:

  • Neoprene-free
  • Outer contains 78% recycled Nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Wind and waterproof fabric
  • Breathable
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Machine washable
  • Equivalent of 2mm neoprene
  • Available in a number of options including Spring Suit, 1-Piece, and 2-Piece versions
  • Vest, Gloves, and Hoods are also available

Pricing for the new range includes:

  • Spring Suit – Men’s £219.95 GBP / $329.90 USD, Women’s £199.95 GBP / $299.90 USD
  • One Piece – Men’s & Women’s £249.95 GBP / $374.90 USD
  • Two Piece – Long Sleeved £239.90 GBP / $359.80 USD, Short Sleeved £209.90 GBP / $314.80 USD

More information can be found via Fourth Element’s website.  You can find a local dealer stocking the new Thermocline here.

Fourth Element Thermocline Spring Suit
Fourth Element Thermocline Spring Suit

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