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Fourth Element Launches New, Redesigned Arctic Undersuit Range


Fourth Element has announced the launch of the company’s enhanced and redesigned thermal Arctic Undersuit range for divers.

Fourth Element Launches Redesigned Thermal Arctic Undersuit
Fourth Element’s Arctic Undersuit (Image credit: Fourth Element)

Some key features of the Arctic Undersuit range include:

  • Enhanced Thermal Protection with Sustainable Materials: Two layers of high insulation and low bulk fabric, now incorporating 80% recycled polyester in the outer layer and 100% recycled polyester in the inner layer.
  • Optimized Design for Drysuits: The Arctic Undersuit’s minimalist design makes it suitable for use underneath neoprene, membrane and tri-laminate suits, providing divers with a solution for various diving conditions.
  • Micro-Climate Management: Utilizing a combination of fast-wicking, high-insulation fabrics, the Arctic Undersuit creates a micro-climate around the diver, effectively keeping the body dry and warm. The high-density inner fleece ensures insulation, comfort and moisture-wicking, while the outer layer with a resin coating enhances durability and maintains a snug fit.
  • Efficient Air Management: The Arctic Undersuit requires less loft to perform, thanks to its management of air within the fibers of the suit. Unlike traditional undersuits, the Arctic minimizes the movement of air, reducing the rate of cooling without trapping air and preventing its release from the dump valve.

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Fourth Element's Arctic Undersuit
Fourth Element’s Arctic Undersuit (Image credit: Fourth Element)
John Liang
John Liang
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