Fourth Element is seeking participants for its Mission 2020.

The objective is turn Mission 2020 into an industry-wide initiative with each participant contributing in their own way. Any industry stakeholder from dive centers to training agencies and manufactures to dive liveaboards are welcome to take part. Importantly there is no financial commitment, but instead participants are asked in Fourth Element’s own words to do the following:

  • “Decide what commitment they would like to make to the ocean. Specifically, what change will they or their organization have made by World Ocean Day 2020 that is aimed at making a difference. Ideally, the focus will be on plastics, but any sensible, measurable pledge will be acceptable. In our case, we have pledged to eliminate plastic packaging from all our products by 2020.
  • “Summarize this commitment in a statement of not more than 50 words, and submit it online with a logo, web address and contact information that will only be used in cases of conflict or questions.
  • “Promote their participation in Mission 2020 by including the logo in communications and key information about the Mission in their social media activity.”

Participants can upload their pledge and see other industry participants. The ultimate aim of Mission 2020 is to get the industry working together so that it can build momentum so they can achieve something significant.

You can write your pledge here.

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