Setting up a shop for divers to buy stuff while decompressing from a deep dive? Sure, why not?

Innovative British firm Fourth Element did just that at last week’s five-day TEKCamp 2015 event in the UK with the first of a kind “Pop Down Shop”.

Cave divers use underwater habitats to hang out in while they decompress from deep dives so the guys at Fourth Element decided to utilize a similar structure to open an underwater shop selling T-Shirts.

Fourth Element “Underwater Inhabitants” Underwater With Their T-Shirt

At TEKCamp, participants got five days’ worth of instruction, workshops and fun dives by a whole slew of technical diving instructors representing agencies such as PADI, SSI, RAID, TDI and more, and were also able to try out new gear or hone technique.

During last week’s dive camp, participants were able to buy a T-shirt (wrapped in a waterproof bag, of course) in an underwater habitat about 19 feet/6 meters below the surface of Vobster Quay in the UK.

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Fourth Element “Underwater Inhabitants” Arrive With Their Goodies