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Fourth Element Unveils New Masks, Snorkels


The folks at Fourth Element have unveiled a pair of new dive masks as well as a bunch of new snorkels.

The Aquanaut Freediving Mask features a new silicone skirt design which has been developed to fit as many face shapes as possible from a single design.

The low-volume freediving mask, while compact in size, offers a surprisingly wide field of view, making this not just great for freediving, but a very capable all-purpose mask and a perfect second mask for tech divers, according to Fourth Element. You can choose from two different lens types.

Fourth Element's Aquanaut Mask
Fourth Element’s Aquanaut Mask

The Navigator Tech Mask is designed for ultimate comfort at depth for the technical diver. Its framed twin lens has optimization depending on your dive experience. It also has two different lens types.

Fourth Element's Navigator Tech Mask
Fourth Element’s Navigator Tech Mask

Fourth Element also unveiled three new snorkel types, depending on the kind of diving you do: The Splash snorkel, Dry snorkel and Float snorkel.

Fourth Element's new snorkels
Fourth Element’s new snorkels

The Splash snorkel has a splash guard, a soft silicone mouthpiece, a purge valve and a detachable snorkel keeper.

The Dry snorkel features a dry top, soft silicone mouthpiece, purge valve and detachable snorkel keeper.

The Float snorkel, well, floats. It also folds to fit into a drysuit pocket and has that classic “J” shape. A detachable snorkel keeper comes with it.

The Navigator Mask retails for £74.95/€89.95/~US$92.71. The Aquanaut Mask retails for £64.95/€77.95/~$80.34.

The Splash Snorkel retails for £24.95/€29.95/~$30.86, the Dry Snorkel for £27.95/€33.50/~$34.56, and the Float Snorkel for £19.95/€23.95/~$24.68.

For more info about Fourth Element’s new masks, click here, and for more info about the new snorkels, click here.

You can also check out’s review of the Aquanaut Mask here.

John Liang
John Liang
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