Freedive e-Magazine Re-Launches On New Platform

Freedive Magazine Issue 7 Cover
Freedive Magazine Issue 7 Cover

Freedive Magazine has launched on a new platform. For those of you who haven’t yet seen the magazine, Freedive Magazine is a quarterly magazine that brings you amazing stories, beautiful photos and hot topics within the world of Freediving, including training videos, interviews, amazing locations and stunning videos.

For those of you who have subscribed, or wish to subscribe you can now purchase the magazine directly from the Freedive Magazine website for a £3.99 GBP ($6.15 USD) quarterly subscription.

The change in platform, which has allowed greater control and reduced costs, has allowed a reduction in price for the online magazine. A reduction in price without a reduction in quality will help boost sales and get the word out there that this magazine is here to stay.

Issue 7 is now available on the new platform, with subscriptions available to receive previous issues.

Some highlights from Issue 7:

  • Aharon Solomons explains about the ever intriguing Frenzel Maneuver.
  • The Scuba Diver Girls (Margo and Stephanie) are asked questions about what got them into freediving.
  • Martin Zapanta gives insight into the origins of his life as an underwater photographer – also sharing with us some of his greatest work.
  • Sara Campbell highlights the role mental health plays in the ultimate performance of a freediver.
  • Mike Wells explores the necessity of having a solid risk management plan in place to ensure diver safety – also highlighting what systems he uses.
  • John Fifer talks about one of the most beloved marine animals – sharks.
  • Amber Bourke explains the importance of dive clubs.

You can find out more at the Freedive Magazine website.

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