Freediver holds courses in Shark Park

Freediving champion and AIDA Freediving Instructor, Hanli Prinsloo,completed the first freediving courses ever held in the Aliwal Shoal, off Umkomaas, on the east coast of South Africa.

Seen on a blog, the article describes that the goal of the courses was to certify all of the Blue Wilderness staff at Shark Park in the realm of Freediving. It was said that some divers had achieved depths of 30 metres out in the blue waters of Aliwal Shoal, frequented by tiger, ragged tooth, bull (zambezi), dusky, blacktip and bronze whaler sharks. The blog of Blue Wilderness says “Looking after clients is our primary goal and with this ability nowformalised in the AIDA structure it should give clients a lot ofconfidence, going forward, that we can look after them.”

it also says that Ms Pretorius will be running more courses in the future with the view of offeringclients the opportunity of swimming with the sharks at depthand without cumbersome SCUBA gear.

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Freediver holds courses in Shark Park 1