Freediver Mehgan Heaney-Grier has launched a new website, with news, photos, and a blog.

Mehganis the ultimate underwater adventurer. At the age of 18, she achievedworldwide recognition when she established the first ever United Statesfreedive record for both men and women by diving unassisted, to a depthof 155 ft on a single breath of air. Mehgan started as a fashion modelat the age of 14, and in addition to diving, her talent led to aguest-starring role on BAYWATCH (playing herself).

Mehgan’sencounters with sharks, alligators and other ocean wildlife werefeatured in a 13-part series on the Animal Planet Network entitledEXTREME CONTACT. She also starred in a one-hour reality special for theUSA Network entitled DEEP DIVER: Tiger Shark Odyssey.  DEEP DIVER wasselected by both the Los Angeles and New York Times in their BEST BETSto Watch list. In 2004 Mehgan hosted an extreme sports series for theOutdoor Life Network titled SATURN’S GRAVITY FILES and in 2008 Mehganwas the host for the ESPN MadFin Shark Series.

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