As reported on DeeperBlue the DEMA 2010 show is seeing a happy upward trend in attendance. Could it be that the economy is bouncing back? Is it that people just love to come to Las vegas? Or maybe it’s the plethora of freedivers that have permeated the show, bringing new energy and a new market for everyone to dive into. A sport that is well regarded in Europe, freediving has only just begun to see an increase in popularity in the states. Exceptional training schools such as Freediving Instructors International and Performance Freediving (PFI) are well-known for setting world records and preparing athletes, and now they’ve taken their world class standards to an even broader base, expanding their systems to train the next generation of freediving instructors. Take a look below and hear what instructors Ted Harty, Erin Magee, multi-record world-champion Martin Stepanek and our favorite Kiwi Niki Roderick have been up to.