Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Freediving Research commences in Brazil


The department of physical education of the federal university of the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil) – UFSC approved the project of extension and research
called: "Dynamic apnea for athletes".

The activities will start this semester in the aquatic complex of the university.

A dream idealized for the managing committee of the AIDA, in which VP SC and current AIDA president Germano Viegas, as well as of the founder of the Aida Brazil and AIDA Instructor Trainer Karol Meyer are seeking to developfreediving in Brazil and promote larger studies of it in the area.

The project nr 2006.1979 belongs to the area of Sciences of the Health, possessing in the coordination of the Doctor in Physical Education Luiz Guillermo Guglielmo and will count on the participation of the Doctor in Psychology Emilio Takase and the AIDA Instructor Trainer Karol Meyer.

This is a big step towards the biggest development and spreading of the sport in the country.

Comitê Diretor AidaBrasil

Freediving Research commences in Brazil 1 
Sara-Lise Haith
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