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FSAS Press Release

Lausanne August 12 –

The Swiss Federation of Sportive Apnea (FSAS – Fédération Suisse d’Apnée Sportive), the International Center for Apnea Recognition and Education (ICARE) and the freediving club Immersion Profonde (Deep Immersion) are happy and proud to announce that in less than two weeks, Switzerland will host the “1st AIDA Individuall  World Freediving Championship in Pool”.

From the 24th to 27th of August, the aquatic complex of AcquaSplash, located near by the Leman Lake in the city of Renens, will live at the slow controlled heart beat rhythm of over 130 world class freediving athletes. These competitors, coming from 26 different countries spread around the world, will fight for the 1st rang in three different disciplines, where self control, mental resistance and first class physical efforts are the key to success.

As an introduction, on the 25th, the dynamic apnea with fins will see athletes swimming over 175 meters just to qualify for the finals. Distances beyond 200 meters will be realized surely and one may even break the current world record of 212 meters.

Static apnea, the second discipline, on the 26th, will definitively be quieter. Muscles will be relaxed to their maximum (at least at the beginning) giving extra seconds to competitors on their time quest to the longest breath holding, between 9 and 10 minutes.

On Saturday 27th, once again, the muscles will be pushed to their limits in the dynamic apnea without fins discipline. Despite the approaching closing ceremony party, the athletes will concentrate on their swimming technique to run under water distances over 150 meters. As during the previous days, qualifications, in the morning, will eliminate all candidates except for the top 8 men and women, which will compete against each others during the finals in the end of the afternoon.

RENENS 2005"
I C A R E   &   F S A S
International Center for Apnea Recognition and Education
&Fédération Suisse d’Apnée Sportive
Lausanne – Switzerland
Paul Kotik
Paul Kotik
Paul Kotik has been a Staff Writer and Freediving Editor for He lives in Florida, USA with his family.