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Garmin Electronics for Divers

Garmin’s Descent Mk1 watch dive computer is turning heads for freedivers, scuba divers, tech divers and especially spearfishermen.

Garmin’s Patrick Danko showed the good-looking and feature-rich watch. He said It does everything other computers do but adds a full color screen GPS which tracks the dive’s every move, automatically. It can show the data on the watch or on your phone with the Garmin Connect app. It also has a 3-axis compass and tracks your heart rate for diving or other exercise uses. One of my most important concerns for scuba computers is the decompression model, and this one has the preferred Buhlmann ZHL-16c with new gradient factors, so you can adjust it to your liking!

The MK1 is now on sale everywhere for US$799.95/~725.95 Euros through the end of the year. I asked about the rumor of a new computer coming out, a Descent Mk2, maybe?

Patrick could not comment except to say they’re working on a new one, but Garmin will release a new product only when it is perfect. Hmm, the holidays would be a good time, and the only feature they’re missing is air integration.

He showed me another new gadget divers can use which is their new inReach Mini satellite communicator which allows divers to text anywhere for personal communication or to call out the Mounties anywhere in the world! It runs $349.95/~317.60 Euros, and it has a housing that will take it to 100 meters that costs $49.95/~455.23 Euros.

For more info, check out the Garmin website at garmin.com.

Garmin Descent Mk1 & inReach Mini at DEMA Show 2019
Garmin’s Descent Mk1 & inReach Mini at DEMA Show 2019
Chad Carney
Chad Carneyhttp://www.floridaskindiver.com
Capt. Chad Carney - Lifetime diving and spearfishing instructor.


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