Ever been diving and wanted to take a really, really close-up picture of a particularly beautiful piece of coral or undersea plant? Well, if you own a SeaLife Micro HD and/or 2.0 underwater camera, the folks at that company might have just the thing for you.

SeaLife has developed a new Super Macro Lens for the Micro HD and 2.0 cameras which gives underwater photographers the ability to capture sharp macro stills and videos from 3.5 inches to 7 inches (9cm to 18cm) away.

The Super Macro Lens’ small profile easily connects to the lens ports of the Micro HD and 2.0 cameras. With the SeaLife Micro cameras’ focusing range of 12 inches to infinity, you’ll be able to capture seriously cool HD details of your subjects. The lens is a “wet lens,” so you’ll be able to attach or remove it while underwater.

The Super Macro Lens features two optical elements with a broadband anti-reflective coating. A rubber armored exterior protects its aluminum construction against shock and the lens port from scratches. The lens includes a protective pouch, safety lanyard, and two removable (4.75-inch/18.7-mm) focus distance sticks.

The lens will be available this month and retail for US$99.95/90.66 Euros. For more info, check out the SeaLife website at sealife-cameras.com.

Check out the removable focus distance stick on the SeaLife Super Macro Lens.