If you live in Europe and plan to attend next month’s EUROTEK conference in Birmingham, England, one of the pieces of swag you could get for free is a “No Entonox” bracelet.

Why would you need such a bracelet? Because if you’re in, say, a car accident on your way home from a dive, British paramedics could give you Entonox gas as a pain reliever. The problem with that is that Entonox‘s mixture of 50:50 Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide could trigger decompression sickness because it heightens the amount of inert gas in a diver, particularly if he or she dove within the past 24 hours.

And if you’re unconscious after the accident, it’d be helpful to be wearing something on your body that warns paramedics against administering such a gas.

So if you want such a bracelet, you’d best hurry and register for EUROTEK. Scapa Flow-based liveboard the MV Valhalla has donated 400 “No Entonox” bracelets to EUROTEK, and if you’re among the first 400 to book a EUROTEK.2016 Saturday and Sunday weekend pass (October 8th and 9th), you’ll get one in your goodie bag.

For more info about EUROTEK 2016, check out the conference website at eurotek.uk.com.