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Global Underwater Explorers Return To DEMA Show

The folks at Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) returned to DEMA Show after over 15 years, but that does not mean they haven’t been making their mark on education, conservation, and exploration of the underwater world.

GUE have added in a few courses and re-released their recreational program with an updated curriculum. Interested in getting into diving? Then the Discover Diving course provides an introduction to GUE as a whole, their style of diving, and what their organization does outside of education, and also gets new divers exposed to diving without having to take a full GUE course.

Interested in pursuing your dive education, but need to take courses over shorter periods? The Recreational Diver 2 has been broken into rescue, triox and navigation so you can choose not to take all at once.

Their newly implemented NextGen Scholarship has recently announced its first winner. This scholarship helps bring in new divers to get them passionate about exploring, conservation or whatever they are interested in, and then get them the training necessary to feel more confident in pursuing it. They require at least advanced open water or equivalent to apply. The winner then gets a year long access to training in addition to a travel and equipment budget, DAN Insurance, GoPro, and GUE membership.

A new online dive blog, InDepth, or GUE TV, also available as an app, is a great way to keep up with the GUE community.

Find a local GUE dive center or go to for further information.

Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola is a journalist, visual storyteller and award-winning underwater photographer specializing in marine life, conservation and dive travel. A dive pro for 10+ years and an avid freediver, she started diving in San Diego, CA, and traversed the globe until landing in Miami. She holds a master's in Marine Conservation and works extensively documenting research, mostly with sharks and rays, and even has an individual manta ray named after her. Above water, she is generally on a gastronomic adventure or hiking for a view of our blue planet.


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