Let’s say you’re hanging out on a boat during a freediving or spearfishing competition and want to broadcast the event but would rather not schlep a bunch of camera and radio equipment onto the boat.

Well, GoPro announced this week that Periscope users can now broadcast live directly from their GoPro HERO4 Black or Silver cameras.

So as the freediving or spearfishing competitors came back to the surface, you’d be able to broadcast the immediate results of their dives, whether it be for depth or a fish they speared.

Or, say you’re at a pool managing a static breath-hold competition — it’d be rather cool to be able to broadcast that event via your iPhone and a GoPro, even if your viewers are a continent and/or a pair of oceans away, no?

This new integration allows the 10-million-plus Periscope users to toggle between broadcasting from their iPhone’s camera to their GoPro directly from the phone screen with the simple touch of a button.

According to GoPro:

“Much like a production switchboard, you can use your Periscope interface to flip between the two different camera angles, so even if your broadcast is lacking that heart-pounding action only GoPro can capture, you can still set up a two-camera shot for more dynamic story telling in real time. And yes, your GoPro will still record locally on the micro SD card even while broadcasting through Periscope.”

Right now, it’s only available for iPhones.

For more info, check out the GoPro page at http://gopro.com/news/gopro-goes-live-with-periscope.

And for detailed instructions on how to broadcast using a GoPro, check out Periscope’s website at https://help.periscope.tv/customer/en/portal/articles/2287095-how-do-i-broadcast-using-a-gopro-.