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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years there is a good chance you have been checking out on a handheld device like your phone or tablet.  Whilst we have worked hard to ensure that you can view and use the site on your mobile browser, we’re proud to announce we now have native apps for both iOS and Android devices.

The new app is designed to give you an easy to use experience in reading the latest from on your favorite iOS or Android mobile devices.  This allows you to read, save and comment on news and features and you’ll get notified of every new post as it happens and everything is stored on the device so you can read it at any time.

For regular users of the forums this App is designed to complement (not replace) the Tapatalk app we have available.

You can download the app from the following App Stores:

Or search for “DeeperBlue” in your favorite App Store.

Hope you have a good time using our apps on your mobile devices. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome!