Great White Shark Diving in North America

Witnessing a very large White Shark attack and consume a 200 to 300 lb. Elephant Seal is an extremely dramatic event. These predatory acts are bloody and violent.

And yet they are an intergral part of the circle of life.

Golden Gate Expeditions offers divers and non divers the opportunity to observe the elusive and yet fear instilling Great White Shark.

For many divers the opportunity to safely view this apex predator at close range is the ultimate experience. Sport divers have been traveling to South Australia and South Africa for many years to see and film the great white shark. Although it has been known for some time that there are many white sharks in California waters, until recently no one has offered the experience to the public.

"It’s like a Marine Serengeti out here." says Captain Lawrence Groth, President and CEO. "You experience the complete circle of life."

Over the last five years GGE has developed a world-class operation. Their hard work and experience has paid off in many ways. "We recognize the significance of being the leader in a new and exciting industry and take pride in leading the way as the #1 American Team." said Groth.

Golden Gate Expeditions promotes conservation and protection of the marine environment. Their goal is to provide people with a rewarding and educational experience. They believe that education and enjoyment of our environment is the key to its protection, and hope you will come away from your adventure with a new found respect and appreciation of the ocean and all of its inhabitants.

With five years of operations at the Farallon Islands and two years of operations at Isla De Guadalupe they have more experience with White Sharks than any other U.S. operator. Operating at two locations gives them the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge other operators just do not have about White Shark behavior. It also allows them to contribute more to science and research of the White Shark.

For complete information regarding Golden Gate Expeditions, visit their website at

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