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GUE Unveils ‘InDepth’ Blog

GUE Unveils 'InDepth' Blog
GUE Unveils 'InDepth' Blog

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) has announced the launch of a new blog aimed at inspiring the next generation of divers and explorers.

The new blog, called “InDepth,” features a variety of content that would interest both novice recreational divers and experienced technical divers.

The new blog is free to access and offers a host of monthly stories. The blog’s executive editor is Michael Menduno of aquaCORPS fame, and the editor is Amanda White.

In-Depth” covers various areas, from exploration and conservation to decompression theory and technology, as well as stories highlighting diving and the human condition.

The blog is bound to have something for every diver, regardless of their level of experience and qualifications.

You can check out GUE’s “InDepth” blog here.



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