Hammerhead Spearguns and Freediving Gear for Lady Spearos

Hammerhead Spearguns at DEMA Show 2019

Kevin Sakuda, founder of Hammerhead Spearguns, was at DEMA Show 2019 showing off some of his carbon fins and GoPro masks in new colors, as well as some new spearguns and wetsuits for discerning lady spearos.

Hammerhead has carried long fins for spearos for years from as low as US$139.95/~126.70 Euros in plastic blades. Carbon color blades start at $339.95/~305.57 and $439.95/~398.06 with foot pockets. That blue carbon top-of-the line fin blades run $499.95/~452.34 Euros.

The company’s GoPro masks sell for $89.99/~81.48 Euros, but now they come in a spectrum of colors; they are always opaque (non-transparent) because spearos know clear masks reflect light, creating poor vision in dark environments.

The hot new ladies’ 2-piece wetsuit is called the Ambush, and the top runs at $59.95/~54.25 Euros and the bottoms are $69.95/63.29 Euros. The pink Nakoa speargun is $799.95/~723.86 Euros. The rubber Marseilles weight belt runs $59.95/~54.25 Euros in many colors!

Hammerhead has a full line of gloves, wetsuit socks, speargun reels, stiletto knives, speargun bands and rash guards!

For more info, check out the Hammerhead webstore.

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  • We don't need pink fucking spearguns. We need grips that fit women's hands, masks that fit smaller heads, foot pockets that fit well on narrow feet. Also, what the fuck is with the midriff baring bullshit?