The folks that developed the STEPDive System, a surface-supplied air system designed specifically for children or novice divers, showed off some of the improvements they have made to the system at this week’s DEMA Show in Orlando.

The surface supply unit has been made more ergonomic and streamlined.

To give kids better tools to develop their skills, and have the control of their dive depth, the STEPDive System provides a patent-pending buoy with adjustable depth restrictor, which allows for incremental depths between 0- to 5m/15ft.

A new submersible pressure gauge will allow the diver to monitor their air supply with out the need of surfacing.

The new Pro Raft comes with a two- or three-tank attachament configuration, as well as a depth-adjustable collection bag.

Retail pricing for the family pack is US$995/900 Euros, and the Pro Pack runs for $1,995/1,0805 Euros.

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By Vaclav Havlik