Headhunter Spearfishing has introduced its new line of 1.5mm wetsuits.

The company will be partnering with Waihana to make the wetsuits.

According to Headhunter:

“For years our customers have asked us why we didn’t make wetsuits and the answer was simple. We never found a partner that got us excited about making wetsuits. That was until we met the team over at Waihana! These guys are not just passionate about spearfishing and the ocean, they also know how to make a great wetsuit!”

The new Headhunter/Waihana Collaborative wetsuits are made with 1.5mm Yamamoto rubber. They feature a Marlin Camo dyed onto stretch Lycra skin, smooth skin seals, glued stitching, a chest pad, knee and elbow pads, and much more.

The new wetsuits will retail for US$299/~268 Euros.

For more info, check out the Headhunter website.

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