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Heart of Europe ??? 2nd Carinthian Freediving Invitational Results

30 athletes from 7 nations gathered at Lake Millstaetter See in Carinthia to fight for the titles King and Queen of the Lake. Herbert Nitsch (AUT) nabbed the title one more time with a Static performance of 6mins 03 secs and an incredible 94m in Constant Weight. Sharanne Wheeler (USA) dethroned former title holder Melita Adany (HRO), achieving 4mins 55secs and 45 meters.

During his training for the competition Herbert Nitsch set 3 (!) world records*. Herbert Nitsch was the first human being to have passed the 100m barrier in unassisted freediving. Without the help of weights or lift bags he reached a depth of 100m without even using fins. The dive was executed under the surveillance of two AIDA International judges. it took the 33-year-old Austrian 4mins and 07secs to set this new world record in the discipline Free Immersion.

3 German athletes set new national records:

Ute Geßmann — Free Immersion 35m
Katja Kedenburg — Constant Weight Without Fins 25m
Olivier Haug — 35m Constant Weight Without Fins 35m

German and Austrian Championships (Within the overall competition):

DM Damen:
1. Sharanne Wheeler (sic!)
2. Katja Kedenburg
3. Ute Geßmann

DM Herren:
1. Tom Sietas
2. Dominique Ventzke
3. Hubert Maier

ÖM Herren
1. Herbert Nitsch
2. Markus Wurm
3. Marcus Schrauder

*Constant Weight — 95m
*Free Immersion — 100m
*Constant Weight Without Fins — 50m

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.