HECS Showcases Stealthy Wetsuits At DEMA Show 2016

HECS Showcases Stealthy Wetsuits At DEMA Show 2016

Would you like to prevent marine animals from sensing you under water?

The answer is here: HECS featured its new “Stealthy” wet suits and skins at DEMA Show 2016.

A uniquely woven conductive carbon fiber integrated as a mesh in their the wetsuits forms a “Faraday cage” that reduces the diver’s electrical energy field, allowing him or her to get closer to marine animals without being detected.

This gives the diver a great advantage no only for spearfishing, but marine research and filming as well.

The suits are available in three thicknesses — 3mm (US$649/613 Euros), 5mm ($749/707 Euros) and “skin” ($449/424 Euros) — and come in different color schemes: Multicamo, black, bluewater and also a “crocodile” print.

Forrest Galante demonstrates the effectiveness of HECS’s stealth technology with a tri-field meter.

All of the suits come with booties and gloves included.

For more info, check out the HECS website at hecsaquatic.com.

— By Vaclav Havlik