Help Free The La Paz Seven!

“Emotions are reeling over the constantly changing fate of “”the La Paz dolphins”” (seven bottlenose dolphins held captive in deplorable conditions in a sea pen facility – the Dolphin Learning Centre or FINS – in La Paz, Mexico), with almost daily reports published in Canada’s Toronto Star.

Cheers went up when Mexico’s environment enforcement agency ruled to close the facility and moves were made to secure the release of the dolphins, only to have hopes dashed by a judge’s decision to declare the agency’s decision overruled and allow the facility to continue operating its swim with dolphins programme.

There are growing fears for the health and welfare of the dolphins, held in shallow, coastal waters, as summer approaches. The Mexican environment ministry is now calling for public pressure to save the dolphins.

Please write to Sr. Leonel Cota Monta??o, Governor of Baja California Sur. – Request the closure of the FINS facility and the release of the dolphins.

Sr. Leonel Cota Monta??o Gobernador,
Baja California Sur Palacio de Gobierno
Isabel La Catolica, entre Bravo y Allende
La Paz, Baja California Sur
BCS 23007 Mexico
Fax: 52-112-5-41-90
Email: [email protected]

Please send copies of your letters to:

Environment Minister Victor Lichtinger
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your help!”