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Herbert Nitsch father breaks silence on son’s condition


After weeks of silence on Herbert Nitsch’s condition after being rushed to hospital for treatment once he surfaced from his Freediving World Record Attempt at No-Limits (NLT) on June 6th 2012, Gerhard Nitsch (Herbert’s Father) has posted online a statement on his son’s health.

The last official statement from Nitsch’s management team was on 19th June 2012 and since then there has been much speculation in both the media and online to his condition.

The statement was originally posted to Herbert Nitsch’s Blog in German and is translated below.  The statement itself does not go into any specifics on his condition other than he is receiving continued treatment and the prognosis is good for a full recovery.  However, it is does seem, from this statement, that his condition was more serious in the early stages than the original information coming out of the Nitsch Management Team.

“Please give Herbert and me after the stress of the first ‘ days and weeks a little ‘ peace. He is doing better every day, but the improvements are in small steps and his complete recovery will take time. He is currently in rehabilitation. Any reports that would suggest that Herbert’s life is still in danger are unfounded. It was an accident with serious consequences, but the physicians who treat Herbert are sure that he will make an complete recovery due to his physical fitness and mental strength.

The participation of many friends, acquaintances, apnea colleagues and media is huge. It is impossible to reply to everyone and it is not possible to gave an daily report of his progress. Herbert will appear with his own statement to the public at a convenient time. Until then we wish him the best for his full rehabilitation.

Gerhard Nitsch
(Herbert’s father)
19th July 2012″

Herbert Nitsch father breaks silence on son's condition 1

Herbert Nitsch father breaks silence on son's condition 4
Stephan Whelan
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  1. I will pray for his recovery. I admire his record breaking attempt but I am puzzled as to why anyone would want to free dive. I don’t understand the sport.

    •  Imagine only being able to move in two dimensions and then you learn how to move in 3. Unless you fly your own stunt plane, you live in two dimensions (left, right, front and back), you free dive and you can now go up and down. You get to see animals that only know, live in and were created by this 3 dimensional space and swim with them. You could go scuba, but then you become encumbered by the equipment.

      It’s freedom of movement and imagination.

  2. I wish you a prompt recovery Herbert. May you be back on your fins soon to continue push the limits of our imagination


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