Saturday, June 12, 2021

(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Virtual Spearfishing Training


Are those lazy summer vibes in town yet?

Of course spending time in front of the screen, browsing through all those spearfishing videos and photos can be entertaining, but it doesn’t it feel too ‘distant’? What if you could
be there, pulling the trigger?

Well, maybe we pushed a bit too far with that ‘trigger idea’, but…

…What if you had the chance to watch a spearfishing video and take an active part in it? Yes, sitting in front of the screen (phone, tablet, laptop, giant plasma?)…
If you are saying ‘No’ then you are new to my channel, but we can change it in no time.

Here is my take on YOUR virtual spearfishing training. I want to make you a deep apnea ninja.

The concept is simple – I want to take you on a dive with me. We both will relax, take a deep breath, plunge into the Blue and shoot a great AJ. Sounds simple? Shall we give it a try?

The details are in the video below, but please, sit back, breathe slowly and HOLD YOUR BREATH when asked to. Can you make it to the surface? See you down there 😉

Was it tough?

If you think you can step it up a notch, give those a try too.

(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Virtual Spearfishing Training 4
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov is's Mediterranean specialist. With a passionate dedication he promotes the idea of "spearfishing - an art" and offers unique 'tailored for spearos' freediving courses in the island of Cyprus.



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