The British Virgin Islands have come up with an innovative way to deal with the debris created by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

The non-profit “Beyond The Reef” has started turning various destroyed ships and vessels into unique and interesting dive sites.

The debris is turned into interesting artifacts, like a “sharkplaneo,” which is half-plane and half-shark and is constructed from three derelict aircraft from the airport. The three aircraft have been turned into a Bull Shark, a Hammerhead Shark, and a Black Tip Reef Shark.

The new artifacts are not just interesting features of dive sites but also serve as artificial reefs, attracting and supporting new marine life and boosting the local reef.

In the future, “Beyond The Reef” plans to turn the destroyed “The Willy T” floating bar into an underwater pirate ship playground.

Beyond The Reef” asks that divers who experience their works to purchase a US$5/~£3.8/~€4.2 souvenir ticket, with the proceeds going toward teaching local kids how to swim.