Last year, the developers of the iBubble unveiled the autonomous drone and the unique technology behind it. This year, they have begun conducting demos for dive professionals! Their team has been traveling the world on the official “iBubble tour,” with one of the stops being this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.

They’ve reached out to professionals in the industry and invited them to take the iBubble underwater. During this time, divers will be introduced to the product and how it works and also give feedback. This is a special occasion where dive professionals will have their iBubble experience before the commercial launch.

A new, final prototype design for the autonomous underwater camera drone was unveiled last month. The iBubble’s pre-order price is US$1999/~1689 Euros and it will retail for $2599/~2197 Euros.

In addition to DEMA Show, the team will be featuring the iBubble in other parts of Florida as well as Spain, France, California, Italy and Mexico. If you’re a dive professional and want to register to be a demo diver, you can register here.

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