If You’re A Disney Darling, It’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter

Epcot Sea Adventures At DEMA Show 2019
Epcot Sea Adventures At DEMA Show 2019

Land-locked Orlando may be the last place you think of when it comes to dive destinations, but no world (Disney or otherwise) would be complete without at least some kind of ocean experience.

Epcot Sea Adventures offers just that–an immersive voyage into the 6+ million gallon (22.7 million-liter) salt water tank at their The Seas with Nemo & Friends exhibit.

It’s a three-hour experience incorporating a 40-minute dive in the 70°F+ water where you can get up close and personal with thousands of fish, sea turtles, hard and soft corals — even sand tiger sharks and spotted eagle rays. The enclosure is adjacent to a restaurant in Epcot proper, and you’ll be able to interact with other Disney goers through one of the 56 giant acrylic windows that line the perimeter.

All you’ll need is a swim suit, photo ID, and cert card — Disney provides the rest (though you can bring your personal mask if you like). If you want to relive the experience at home, you can even purchase a DVD with footage of your dive. Admission does not include access to Epcot or any other part of the park.

If your companions want to join the fun but don’t have a scuba certification, Epcot Sea Adventures also offers the Aqua Tour, a scuba-assisted snorkel experience at the surface of the tank.

Part of the proceeds from each experience go to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. To find out more or make a reservation, check out their website here.