Ikelite has introduced its new 200DL housing for the Nikon Z7 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera.

The new housing is feature-rich, and includes:

  • 200ft/60m depth rating.
  • Pre-installed Vacuum valve.
  • Easy access to all important camera functions.
  • DL port system that is easy to assemble and operate.
  • Spare M16 port.
  • Rugged and durable ABS-PC construction.
  • Clear view of the O-ring and camera from the back of the Housing.

In addition, the housing features the ability to shoot strobes manually or install TTL electronics and includes the Ikelite ICS-5 and hotshoe. Ikelite will be updating the DL port system to feature Z-mount lenses and F-mount lenses, which can be used with the new Nikon FTZ adapter.

Retailing at US$1695/1488 Euros, find out more information about the housing here.