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Indigo Debuts At DEMA 2016 With Innovative New Products

Indigo Industries is a new business debuting at DEMA Show 2016, and they are presenting several new products targeted at addressing diver mobility.

The Nautilus GLH and XP are tank-mounted diver propulsion systems powered by lithium ion batteries and open brushless DC electric motors. The electric motors and impellers are from Blue Robotics, using their B-200 thrusters designed for underwater ROVs. The GLH has dual thrusters, while the XP has a single thruster, and they can produce 12 pounds/5.4 kilos of auxiliary diver thrust per motor (24 pounds/11 kilos for twin thrusters). Run times are in the 30- to 40-minute range between charging.

Indigo Industries' Nautilus GLH diver propulsion vehicle
Indigo Industries’ Nautilus GLH diver propulsion vehicle

Power control is via a handheld rocker switch with both forward and reverse positions. An innovative depth hold function uses an onboard depth sensor to maintain the diver’s depth at a given level for safety and decompression stops.

Indigo Industries' Nautilus XP diver propulsion vehicle
Indigo Industries’ Nautilus XP diver propulsion vehicle

One interesting feature is that these DPVs utilize two battery packs packaged within two separate pressure vessels. While the DPV’s batteries are, in total, too large to be carried on a commercial airplane (as is the case with almost all Lithium Ion powered DPVs), separated and packed in two different bags, the company claims that this is a legal configuration, with each battery being below what is allowed by current FAA rules.

The GLH will retail at US$1999/1886 Euros and the XP will retail at $1299/1226 Euros. These units should be available in December 2016.

In the unpowered segment, Indigo has several new diving fins available. These fins have removable side rail springs that may be swapped out to change the stiffness of the fin blade. They have a “Defiant” model that is a paddle fin, and an “Apex” model that is a split-fin design. Both of these models retail for $199/188 Euros.

Indigo Industries' 'Apex' split fin
Indigo Industries’ ‘Apex’ split fin

If you cannot decide which type of fin to get, they have a “Shift” model that actually has a mechanism to zip up the separation in the split fin to make it into a paddle fin so that you can switch back and forth. The “Shift” fin retails for $240/226 Euros.

For more information, check out the company’s website at, which is scheduled to launch on November 21, 2016.

Ron Smith
Ron Smith
Ron Smith developed the DOL-Fin hydrofoil type monofin products, and used his DOL-Fin Orca to set a US dynamic record in 2012. Ron is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor, specializing in fluid dynamics, control systems design, simulation development and system performance prediction. He has been using his engineering background to develop new diving technology to make make the oceans more accessible for exploration.