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Inspiration Rebreathers On Display at Tek Conference and DEMA Show

Learn about the latest in rebreather technology from Silent Diving Systems.

Tek Conference exhibition booths #12-14

At the Tek Conference: Martin Parker, the Managing Director of Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd the manufacturer of the Inspiration rebreather, will sit on the rebreather panel.

At the Tek Conference: Cliff Simoneau, co-founder of Silent Diving Systems LLC, will present the benefits of research diving being done on Whale Sharks in the Galapagos Islands with rebreathers in support of the Shark Research Institute.

At the Tek Conference: Mike Fowler, co-founder of Silent Diving Systems LLC will be providing details on the Service Agreement supplied with Every Inspiration Rebreather to be completed twelve to fifteen months after the diver start using their unit. No manufacturer or distributor has ever provided a prepaid service agreement included in the original retail purchase of any product in the diving industry.

DEMA Booth number 1975 in Hall "B". Our 20 x 20 island exhibit is directly across from the food court.

The Exclusive Distributor of Ambient Pressure Diving Products the manufacturer of the Inspiration & Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreathers Serving North America, Central America, & The Caribbean, Silent Diving Systems is proud to announce the establishment of our "Silent Diving Instructor Network."

This list of instructors, dive centers, live aboard dive vessels, and exotic resorts will be growing daily. Their web site at has many active links and continues to expand with new information daily.

To gain immediate access to the "Silent Diving Instructor Network" link to:

Find a facility and instructor near you. If you would like to host a training program send your request to: and we will aid in making arrangements to dispatch one of our network instructors to you and your group.

To gain access to our FREE on-line manual for the Inspiration Rebreather link to:

This Tek and DEMA Show is the first industry wide event since Silent Diving Systems LLC was awarded the distribution for our region of service. We encourage all divers, instructors, facilities, and resorts to stop in to our booth to explore the new business opportunities available in this fast growing, emerging rebreather diving community marketplace.

Silent Diving Systems LLC is headquartered in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and our factory authorized service center in based in Brockville, Ontario.

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