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Interactive Diver Training Comes to the Internet of Vero Beach, Florida has released the premiere version of the interactive SCUBA education service. The web-based system takes students through the theory and "book learning" portion of a SCUBA class that’s normally held in a classroom. Through a partnership with more than 50 dive shops, SCUBA instructors and resorts, students translate their newly acquired knowledge into the in-water skills they need to become qualified divers.

Divers love, because they learn at their own pace, on their own schedule. Their personalized study program is always a click away, and lets them spend as much or as little time on each module as they need to master it. Brief quizzes ensure that each student has learned and retained the knowledge they’ll need for the rest of the class and the written exams at the end.

Dive instructors also love working with They spend less time in the classroom drilling students in theory and book learning, and more time in the water with students who are knowledgeable and well-prepared. As with any other "referral training" program, the in-water instructor completes a review of the student’s knowledge to be sure they’ve retained what they need to know to dive safely. Because the final certification is granted by the instructor through his or her training agency, the dive instructor has complete control of their part of the training program.

Many of the internationally-known SCUBA training agencies have teamed up with to augment their existing education programs. They’re giving new divers the easiest, most flexible way to join this popular sport. And because the final certification is granted through the agency, they are assured that all of their practices and standards are met or exceeded.

"This is where web surfing meets SCUBA-diving," says Dan Nafe, a long-time dive instructor and the founder of "People these days have less flexibility in their schedules to get to conventional classes, but often have time for a personalized on-line session. If they’re planning to start diving next season," says Nafe, "they can take their time, or if they’re going on vacation in a couple of weeks and want to be prepared for their in-water training, they can do that. too."

The interactive nature of the web-base distance learning system guarantees that each student works with materials that are tailored specifically to them. Everything from pictures of the brands of dive equipment that their instructor uses to the specific requirements and nomenclature of their certifying agency is incorporated into their individual course materials. And the student database ensures complete, up-to-the-minute access to all of the student’s training records.

Students, SCUBA instructors, dive shops and resort destinations can all join in by visiting or calling (772) 299-0057

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