International Training has teamed up with Don Kinney of Cylinder Training Services to launch a program in cylinder visual inspection that is fully compliant with all US regulations and flexible enough to be easily adapted for use internationally. This marks a first for any major training agency in the diving industry.

Many in the dive industry believe that cylinder visual inspection is self-regulated. While this may be true to some extent for instruction and diving practices, it is not the case with the cylinders used for diving or workplace safety concerns connected to their use and filling. So, understanding and complying with all the regulations involved is critical for any professional operation, especially in the unfortunate event of an accident involving a cylinder.

Making the course more accessible and welcoming is a big focus of the new program. The two-day instructor course was integrated into a user course with actual students so instructor candidates could participate in a role-model course and also address real-world issues as the students encountered them. The course is more than just looking inside of a cylinder.

Cylinder necks and cylinder for student inspection practice. A small piece of all that is involved.

The course offers a wide range of topics that include all aspects of dealing with cylinders and their use. There is freedom to expand and offer more details if the client has the need, but the basics are fully integrated into the course. The primary focus is compliance with and understanding all workplace regulations and handling, filling, inspecting, and caring for cylinders.

But, dive centers and owners often overlook this along with the other the components used to fill the cylinder like the compressor, filtration, valves, and much more. The course also addresses these areas.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity for instructors to connect with and conduct the program for any client that deals with high-pressure cylinders, not just those in the diving community, greatly expanding the potential for clients. The course is not limited to solely diving cylinders.

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By Grant Graves