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DEMA Show CoverageIsland Tec Retreat Features Tech Diving Logistics At DEMA Show 2015

Island Tec Retreat Features Tech Diving Logistics At DEMA Show 2015


Bill and Sharon Coltart are here to solve a problem.

Technical diving is gear and support intensive requiring extensive training and dedication. This can be a significant barrier for both interested divers and resorts. For the diver, it can be difficult to find and gain easy access to trying before they buy or diving technical diving gear and techniques. Also, it is not common to have the ability to try multiple gear configurations and technologies at one easy access point. Often logistics for experienced technical divers is quite difficult and requires a good deal of pretrip planning and setup.

For resorts, often the initial investment to start up and properly support a technical diving program can be a major point of intimidation. Further, being able to offer the many variations in technology and configurations make the costs and needed staff even more difficult.

Island Tec Retreat is here to change that. They have built their fly away “dive bar” that allows them to immediately setup full access tech diving support and technology anywhere in the world; including gear, gasses, supplies and filling systems, along with a long list of additional items. A truly turnkey option for resorts that want to host this very active and motivated dive segment but may view it as too difficult or may not know how to begin.

Experienced tech divers or new divers wanting to try before they buy or invest will be able to join for a week or more of exciting adventures in some of the most difficult or before now impossible dive sites throughout the world. There truly are not barriers to where technical diving can be supported now.

Island Tec Retreat wants to make it easy for both divers and resorts to have access to diving in extended ranges without having the difficulties of stepping it up themselves. They hope it is a partnership that solves problems that has kept both divers and resorts from being able to move forward in this highly adventurous segment of diving. The days of any dive site being too difficult to support technical diving at are numbered.

You can learn more at http://www.islandtecretreat.com.

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