Italian Divers Very Positive response to Force Fins

Divers shared their experiences with Bob Evans at the Eudishow, March 12-17, 2004. New and prospective divers of all ages took the opportunity to learn about revolutionary Force Fin products from its inspirational designer, Bob Evans.

Bob Evans of Bob Evans Designs, Inc., makers of Force Fin products, joined its Italian distributor, Aquatica at the Eudishow. The Eudishow is Italy’s premiere diving show.

The show opened with a visit to the Aquatica booth by Italy’s Deputy President Gianfranco Fini, who shook the hand of Lorenzo Cervellin, President of Aquatica. An Admiral of the Italian Navy and his staff came by to shake the hand of Bob Evans and look at some new fins he is making for the US military.

"Meeting the people that use my products is always a special experience," says Bob Evans.

Bob Evans will join Aquatica again next year at the Eudishow, Genova Fiere, March 11-14, 2005. more: &

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