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Jennifer Lawrence To Star As Audrey Mestre In “The Dive”

The long awaited James Cameron cinematic version of “The Dive” – the tragic love story of Pipin Ferraras and Audrey Mestre is potentially starting to become a reality.   The film supposedly will chart the story of Pipin and Audrey up to and including the day she died during a No-Limits Freediving record attempt on on October 12th 2002 in the Dominican Republic.

News on Hollywood websites seems to indicate that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games star, has been cast as Audrey Mestre.  It also seems that Francis Lawrence (director of the Hunger Games) has been attached as Director as well.  James Cameron has given up the director chair on the film to be a Producer on the film.

What is unknown is what basis the script, written by Dana Stevens according to Hollywood insiders, is being drafted on.  There are several versions of the story including the original Sports Illustrate story “The Deadly Dive”, Pipin’s former business associate Carlos Serra’s “The Last Attempt” and Pipin Ferraras’s “The Dive” – all of which tell differing stories.

The nature of Hollywood also means that the movie may never see the light of day as it already has had a number of actors, actresses and directors attached to it since it was announced in 2010.

The dive where Audrey Mestre died was subject to an ESPN documentary in 2013 called “No Limits” and featured many of the people involved on the day, including the writer Paul Kotik who was covering the event.

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