Jill Heinerth Showcases New Memoir ‘Into the Planet’ At DEMA Show 2019

Cave diver Jill Heinerth signing books at DEMA Show 2019
Cave diver Jill Heinerth signing books at DEMA Show 2019

Famed cave diver Jill Heinerth showcased her new book “Into the Planet” at DEMA Show 2019 and signed copies at the Suunto booth.

Unstoppable in her journey as an explorer, Heinerth, a Suunto Ambassador, is currently travelling and speaking to audiences and media platforms across Canada and the USA on her book tour.

Released in August, “Into the Planet” is a thrilling insight into places inside this earth you may not have imagined existed, that Heinerth has dived while bravely illustrating intense political issues and presenting hard evidence about the impacted ice caps and beyond.

Within her gripping adventures, Jill’s autobiography explores life-or-death decision-making in critical underwater situations, her experiences within the dive industry tirelessly pursuing her career and recovering the bodies of her friends from caves no one else in the world has the ability, training and mindset to access such extreme conditions.

Oh, and she was the first person in the world to dive inside an Antarctica iceberg.

Speaking at a Suunto function during DEMA Show, Jill talked of her memories being relevant from both divers and the wider non-diving community with its universal messages.