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FreedivingKarol Meyer holds freediving workshop for underprivileged children

Karol Meyer holds freediving workshop for underprivileged children


International AIDA Judge and Freediver Instructor Trainer Karol Meyer of Brazil ( voted Best Female Freediver by ICARE TROPHIE 2007) initiated a Freediving Workshop for the underprivileged young people of the south of the Florianopolis Island (Pantano do Sul), in the Institute Islands of Brazil

The young, artisan fishing children from Florianópolis Island had a special week with the activities of the "Stars of the Sea" Project.

They learned to learn freedive with Karol, and others activities invited like IWC – "Franca" Whale Project, the "Diveway" Diving School, the "Aquatic Academy of Swimming"and the direct support of the coordinator of the project "Stars of the Sea" Fábio Salvador.

"Stars of the Sea" Project has a main objective which is to construct a participative forum, with the necessary tools to carry out a young influence on the community, and the strategical presence of youths will assist in the formation of a new identity of the artisan fishing community, in Santa Catarina Island.

The Workshop initiated in Saturday, with a lecture/ presentation and videos of the athlete "Diving in the big blue" and freediving theory, followed by water practise in the pool. The big event for the kids was the fundive in the sea and a chance to apply their gained knowledge.

One of the Karol’s special guests was the biologist Giselle Paes, Manager of Ambient Education of the Project Frank Whale, IWC/Brasil, that gave a lecture on: "Franca Whales: Biology and Conservation", since the whales are sighted more frequently in this region of the south of the Island of Florianópolis. The information will help to extend the knowledge for these youths and will also allow the performance of them aiming at the protection of the species in the region.

So continues the work of Karol Meyer in the Brasilian Freediving Community.

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Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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