Kuwaiti Woman Vying To Break Scuba Diving World Record

Kuwaiti Diver Reem Abdullah Al Edan Is Vying To Break A Scuba Diving World Record

The Guinness World Record for the longest scuba dive is being challenged fairly regularly this year, both by men and women.

Last month, American diver Kristi Quill stayed underwater for 51 hours and 25 minutes, and that attempt is currently being verified by Guinness.

This coming October, Kuwaiti scuba diver Reem Abdullah Al Edan will attempt to further break that record in the waters of the Red Sea off Hurghada, Egypt.

The event is being organized by the same management team that helped run Egyptian male diver Walaa Hafez‘s record-breaking dive (51 hours, 24 minutes, 13 seconds) this past June.

Al Edan is an SSI Divemaster; she is currently completing her SSI Instructor qualification and works for the Kuwaiti Health Ministry.

Organizers of the October event want to have a support team consisting mainly of women, and Al Edan wants to raise awareness of women in Arab countries who face daily challenges and inspire them to succeed in a male-dominated atmosphere.

The organizers are actively seeking applications from women divers who are interested in helping out the attempt.

For more info on how to apply, send an email with a photograph and CV/resume to reem.longestscubadive@gmail.com.

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