Light and Motion is offering a great deal on its new Sola Video Pro 9600 lights. You can trade in your old video lights and Light and Motion will give you a US$400 voucher to be used on their new product.

There is more to the promotion than that: participants will be eligible for a discount of 20% on the Air Kits which help transform the Sola Video Pro 9600 into a professional topside video lighting system. The Sola Video Pro 9600 currently retails for US$1599/1357 Euros, so $400 would be a significant reduction for a top of the range lighting from Light and Motion.

Commenting on the new Sola Light, Light and Motion’s Dive Sales Manger Cortlen Hernandez stated:

“The pace of innovation with underwater lighting is truly astonishing – with rapid advancements in LED technology we’ve been able to constantly push the envelope to meet the needs of today’s advanced shooter.”

For those who prefer a more compact option, Light and Motion are currently offering a discount on the Sidekick Flood, which is tailored for Go Pro cameras and other small action cameras. After the discount Sidekick Flood is retailing for $99.99/85 Euros. Thanks to its small size and longevity, it is the perfect companion for any small camera.

The photo at the top of this article features a reef lit up by SOLA video lights.

If you’re looking to upgrade and trade in for a new Sola Video Pro 9600, visit the Light and Motion trade-in page here.