LiquidApps Conducting Crowdfunding Campaign For New Dive Computer Accessory

LiquidApps' New DiveMate Fusion Accessory

LiquidApps have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the DiveMate Fusion, an accessory that connects dive computers to a diver’s tablet.

The DiveMate Fusion allows the transfer of your dive profile and all other data from your dive computer to the DiveMate logbook app. You can even add underwater photos and more dive spot info as well as comments to keep your diving memories always at your fingertips.

“Being able to analyse their dive profiles quickly increases the awareness for diving,” according to LiquidApps. “In addition, in case of a suspected diving accident the DiveMate Fusion can deliver instantly important information for further diagnosis and treatment.”

The DiveMate Fusion fits into any pocket, doesn’t need a battery and can support more than 100 different dive computers from major manufacturers.

The company is offering two different models — the FusionUSB has a USB port and the FusionIR sports an infrared transmission capability, making them compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android devices as well as computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

For more information, check out LiquidApps’ KickStarter page or the company’s YouTube channel.

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