The Lunocet Pro 2015 Review

Editors Note: Due to a significant dis-agreement with Ted Ciamillo and Ciamillo Propulsion Inc over non-payment of invoices and subsequent legal threats made by Ted Ciamillo towards both and its owner, this post has been taken down.

Jeff (apneaddict) is a competitive and recreational freediver based out of the Toronto area. He enjoys spearfishing and plays UWH / UWR for fun and for it's training merits. He is a self-proclaimed gear-junkie and loves experimenting with new equipment and striving to make it better / customized for his use.


  1. Has anyone ordered a fin from Ted? I did over 6 months ago. I have not received it yet. He wont respond to any of my emails. Im getting the feeling he has conned me…what can I do???
    Why would this forum support a conman???

    • Your not going to get it I paid for one 2 years ago . If you paid on PayPal make sure you tell them you only have a certain amount of time . It’s not worth going there to sue him for 500.00 but if we get enough people we can file a class action suit .

  2. Ted Camillus is a con artist . Two years ago I paid him for a lunacet. I called him every three months all I got was excuses . Then he tried to connect with me on LinkedIn. If he ripped you of to you should go on LinkedIn and blast him.

  3. HI, I got mine 4 months after payment and am still using it. It had been a while since I came back to this post but it seems something is up with Ted. He was supposed to send me anow upgrade on my final but never did. Sorry to hear this is happening. It is a very cool find and I love using it.


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