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Making the Leap Into Scuba Diving – Learn How to Dive for the First Time

Whenever you talk to any experienced scuba diver, you’ll always hear the same things said about diving: that it’s exhilarating, adventurous, beautiful, and unlike any other experience in the world. Diving allows you to venture into a whole new world that’s teeming with life.

If you are a nature lover, someone who enjoys the outdoors, and someone who absolutely loves the ocean and spending time in the water, you must try scuba diving at least once in your life.

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Though it takes a bit of training and you need to practice first, as it is dangerous to go in without the proper gear and education to guide you, the time that you put into learning how to scuba dive properly will reward you with countless hours and experiences beneath the water that you will simply never forget.

What It Takes to Learn How to Dive

When you are ready to learn how to dive, it is up to you to find the diving school that you would like to enroll in. These schools are located all over the world, and many are found in areas of the globe where diving is a popular activity. Even if you cannot find a diving school near your home, you can easily find one while you are on holiday in a tropical place where scuba divers convene for everything from wreck dives to cave dives and everything in between.

Their are many certifying agencies out there. The biggest and best known is PADI. PADI stands for: Professional Association of Diving instructors. Most new divers enroll in what is called the Open Water course. This course will certify you in 4 to 5 days to dive with a dive buddy up to 60ft or 18 meters.

The best way to prepare for the Open Water course is to complete the PADI E learning segment online. This part of the course gives you the background knowledge and introductory information you need to prepare for real-world diving practices. Once you have successfully passed the background course, you can then work directly with an instructor at a dive school to get yourself into the water with your scuba gear for the very first time, and the entire course will take less than a week to complete.

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Overcoming Diving Fears

Some people are a little apprehensive about learning how to scuba dive, but it is important to remember that, by attending a certified diving school, you will be acquiring all of the knowledge you need in order to safely dive as part of a group.

The more education you receive, and the more experienced you become, the more comfortable you will be in the water. Eventually, you can become a certified dive instructor yourself, if you wish. But, for now, just rest assured that you’ll learn everything you need to know during your diving course.

Some skills you will learn during the PADI open water course will include:

  • How to clear your mask from water during a dive.
  • How to use and recover your regulator in the water.
  • How to properly and effortlessly control your buoyancy during any dive.
  • How to share your air with a fellow diver who may be in distress or running low on his or her tank of air.

Baby Steps will Make You a Pro

The typical progression involved with the open water course includes passing the theory session of the course, which is done in a classroom or online, and then moving into a swimming pool or an outdoor body of water, such as a lagoon, that offers calm, clear conditions that are very much like the conditions of a swimming pool. There, you will attempt your first dive. In this safe and controlled environment. These dives are called the confined open water dives and are the first part of your full course.

When it is time to hit the open water, your instructor taught you how to properly put on your gear and how to check that all of your gear is working properly before you get into the water. This is one of the most thrilling parts of the course.

This is where you will really get to dive in the sea for the first time, putting everything that you have learned over the last few days to the test, under the guidance and safety of your instructor. If you pass with flying colors, you will be certified to dive with a buddy at 60ft/18m.

Rutger Thole
Rutger Thole
Rutger Thole started as an open water diver and worked his way op to open water scuba instructor. He worked as an instructor all over the world. No he founded where divers can review, compare and book scuba dive packages.