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Mandy-Rae Cruickshank – 41m Constant Ballast w/o Fins World Record

On Monday, September 1st at 4:35pm, in the beautiful waters of Howe Sound, Vancouver, Canada, Canadian Mandy-Rae Cruickshank reset the AIDA world record in constant ballast without fins to a depth of 41m / 134′ in a time of 1:39. Constant ballast without fins is where the athlete, on one breath of air, descends and ascends to a predetermined depth without the aid of fins or line.

Mandy used a 3mm custom "Freediver" suit with an additional 3mm vest, 3mm gloves and 5mm boots. She also used fluid goggles and nose clip along with 2-lbs of neck weights and 2-lbs on the waist. A safety lanyard and waist belt in accordance to AIDA Safety Protocols for Records and Competitions was also utilized.

Monday was warm and sunny with surface air temperatures around 27 Celsius, surface water temp at 18 Celsius and bottom temp around 15 Celsius. Visibility was 15m and the bottom lights from the mounted video camera at 42m could be clearly seen from 22m of depth.

Attending AIDA Judges Marcello De Matteis and Jean-Pol Francios confirmed the record attempt in accordance to AIDA Record Guidelines. Mandy’s now reset the AIDA world record in constant ballast without fins held previously by Tanya Streeter (USA) at 35m and the FREE world record by Yasemin Dalkilic (TURKEY) of 40m.

This was the second attempt by Mandy on this record. On Saturday, August 30th Mandy made a successful freedive in constant ballast without fins to a depth of 41m / 134′, but failed to have the video record her touch of the bottom plate. Even though both depth gauges measured 41.5m and 41.3m, according to AIDA standards the athlete must touch the bottom plate being the official depth measure, and have this recorded on video.

Coach/trainer Kirk Krack along with Brent Pascall met Mandy at 25m upon her ascent as safety freedivers with Tom Lightfoot providing freediving video and Helen Lightfoot acting as timer and CAFA judge. Safety scuba divers were Trevor McLean, Jen Levenick and Jan Breckman while attending paramedics Michael, Tho and Richard supervised from the evac boat. Sea Dragon Dive Charters provided professional boat services with captain Kevin Breckman at the helm.

Mandy-Rae, a member of the Performance Freediving Team with Kirk Krack, Martin Stepanek and Brett LeMaster, is now training to break the records of free immersions and constant ballast with dives to 71m / 233′ over the next several days.

For more information and pictures on her record and upcoming attempts please refer to the following websites:, and